Broadcasts allow you to send time-sensitive content to some of your users, such as alerts about an event or update.

Broadcasts are different to Notifications: Notifications send a message to a specific chatbot user, for example to remind them of an appointment. Broadcasts send a message to many chatbot users at the same time.

Your chatbot Broadcasts are in the Broadcasts screen.

One-Off, One-Time and Recurring

There are three kinds of Broadcasts:

  • One-Off Broadcasts, which do not require a user to opt-in to a Topic beforehand but must adhere to strict rules regarding the Purpose of the Broadcast. Users can be subscribed to these Broadcasts via a Script or Action, but the final audience may be limited according to the Broadcast's Purpose, such as to chatbot users within the 24-hour messaging window.
  • One-Time Broadcasts, which use a Topic that users opt-in to before the Broadcast is sent, rather than a Purpose. Users will only receive the Broadcast if they have opted-in to that Topic, and their opt-in expires after one Broadcast. To receive another Broadcast on this Topic, users must opt-in again.
  • Recurring Broadcasts, which also use a Topic that users opt-in to ahead of time but allows the user to receive additional Broadcasts on a specific cadence (daily, weekly, or monthly). The opt-in expires after a set period, depending on the cadence.
Broadcast type Topic or Purpose Audience Additional Broadcasts
One-Off Broadcast Must select a Purpose. Content rules may vary by Purpose. Subscribed via scripts or actions. No opt-in required, but audience varies depending on Purpose. No.
One-Time Broadcast Must relate to a Topic. Chatbot users who have opted-in to receive a message on this Topic. No. Users must opt-in again to receive additional Broadcasts on the topic.
Recurring Broadcast Must relate to a Topic and specify a cadence (daily, weekly, monthly). Chatbot users who have opted-in to receive multiple messages on this Topic Yes. Users can receive additional Broadcasts on the Topic at the specified cadence.

All Broadcasts can be:

Check your channel's terms and conditions

Most Messaging Platforms have strict rules about what types of messages you can Broadcast to users and when. Check the terms and conditions of your connected channels carefully.

To create a Broadcast, either:

Once you have created your Broadcast:

You can also:

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