A conversation is a collection of passages that your chatbot will send to users. Usually, all the passages within a conversation are closely related. For example, each of these would likely be its own conversation:

  • A flow to help a user book an appointment.
  • A flow to remind a user of their upcoming appointment.
  • A flow to follow-up with a user after their appointment.
  • Responses to frequently asked questions.

Create and manage your conversations using the Conversations screen.

Remember to select your team and chatbot before opening your conversations.

Conversation cards vs multi-level conversations

By default, your chatbot conversations are displayed as individual cards. If you convert your chatbot to use multi-level conversations, your conversations are displayed in a tree-like navigation, allowing you to create child conversations.

With child conversations, you can create a conversation inside another conversation to create levels of context for question matching. Conversations can contain up to three levels of children. Creating child conversations only impacts question-matching contexts, and conversation-specific settings like Intellimem and Catch-Alls; it has no other impact on your chatbot content. 

Chatbots that are converted to multi-level conversations can't be reverted back to the simple conversation cards. 

Create a new conversation

To add a new conversation to your chatbot:

  1. Select the Team and Chatbot you want to add the conversation to.
  2. Click the + Conversation button.
  3. Type a name to identify the conversation in your chatbot.
  4. Click OK.
    The new conversation is added.

Create a child conversation

When multi-level conversations are enabled for a chatbot, child conversations are nested inside another conversation in order to create levels of context for matching questions. You create them using the menu of the parent conversation.

Once you've created a child conversation, you can see it in your conversation list by expanding the parent.

Rename a conversation

To edit a conversation's name, click the menu icon next to the conversation and click Rename.

Delete a conversation

Delete a conversation to remove it and all the passages it contains from your chatbot.

Before you delete...

Deleting a conversation can't be undone. If you want a backup of this conversation, create a version of the chatbot before you delete the conversation. See Versions.

To delete a conversation, click the menu icon next to the conversation and click Delete.


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