Business Hours settings

Define the hours that your business is available to livechat with users using the Business Hours settings. You can use a Business Hours script to direct the flow of the chatbot to different passages based on whether the conversation is occurring within or outside your business hours, so users are never left waiting for a livechat agent who's offline.

To use business hours to direct your chatbot traffic:

  1. Configure your business hours.
    If you need different business hours for different departments or locations, you can create additional business hours sets.
  2. Add any public or company holidays.
  3. Create a script using a Business Hours template.
  4. Add the script to the passage where you want to direct the chatbot traffic.
  5. In the script parameters, type the name of the business hours set you want to use.
    If you're just using the Default set, you can leave this blank.

You can also:

Deleting a business hours set or changing its name can impact any scripts that are using it. Make sure you update any scripts that are using the business hours set before you delete or rename it.

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