Regression tests

Use regression tests before you publish a new chatbot version to make sure your content changes don't negatively affect your chatbot's NLP question matching. Regression tests are run against your chatbot's current draft content, so you can see the impact of your content changes before you approve them.

Each regression test can test up to 1000 phrases against your chatbot's global NLP questions. You can create as many regression tests as you need, and run them as often as you need, but your chatbot can only run one regression test at a time.

To run a regression test on your chatbot:

  1. Create a test file with the phrases you want to test and the passages they should match.
  2. Create a regression test with the threshold of how many phrases the chatbot should match correctly in order to pass the test.
  3. Run a regression test.
  4. View and download the results.

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