Create an Outbound NLP question

Create an Outbound NLP question if you want it to only match immediately after a specific passage. 

If you want to create an NLP question that matches a chatbot user's response either in this conversation flow, or any conversation flow, create an Inbound question. If you want to create a question that only matches a very specific phrase, create a Keyword question.

To create an Outbound NLP question:

  1. Open the passage you want to create the question in.
  2. Click Outbound Questions.
  3. Click + Question.
  4. Click the edit icon next to the New Question title.
  5. Type a descriptive name for the question.
  6. Type the intent phrases you want to match in the Training Phrases field. Use a new line for each new keyword or phrase.
  7. Select the Conversation of the passage that will answer this question.
  8. Select the Passage that will answer this question.
  9. Click Save.

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