Scripts are used to add more advanced interactions to your chatbot, such as:

  • Sending emails.
  • Sending or retrieving data via other APIs.
  • Sending messages with dynamic content.
  • Displaying dates in specific formats.

Use the Scripts screen to manage the scripts that are available to your content creators.

Remember to select your team and chatbot before opening your scripts.

Create a script

To add a script to your chatbot:

  1. Click the + Script card.
  2. Type a name to help your content creators identify the script.
  3. Click OK.
  4. Click the new script card that is added to your screen.
  5. Add a brief Description to explain what the script does.
  6. Add the script code to the Content.
  7. Click Save.

For more information on coding scripts, see Create a script.

Rename a script

The script name is how content creators identify the script in the Passage Edit screen. To edit a script's name, click the menu icon in the top right of the script card, and click Rename.

Delete a script

To delete a script, click the menu icon in the top right of the script card, and click Delete.

Make sure your script isn't being used...

To prevent any unexpected behaviour in your chatbot, the inGenious AI platform won't delete a script that's used in a passage. If you see an error message, remove the script from all passages, then try deleting it again.

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