View your TestBot logs

You can follow what's going behind the scenes with your chatbot test using the Log panel. The Log panel shows:

  • The IDs of each passage and conversation TestBot sends after the starting passage.
    You can click the underlined ID to open the passage or conversation in a new tab.
  • Live variable values as they are changed by your chatbot, including any starting values you set.
  • Information from scripts that TestBot runs, such as script errors.

While the Log panel is open, your values for variables, constants, and entities are displayed outlined as  placeholder chips, so you can see where they've been used. To see the chatbot content as it would appear to the user, click >_ to close the Log panel. You can open or close the Log panel at any time during a test.

To open the Log panel, click >_ in TestBot.
To close the Log panel, click >_ again.

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