A version is a snapshot of your chatbot's conversations, passages, scripts, webviews, and notifications. You can deploy newer or older versions of your chatbot as you need.

See Reviewing and publishing changes.

The Versions page is where you progress changes to your chatbot content through the review stages, to ensure any changes are thoroughly reviewed before being published to your live chatbot. Each change is displayed as its own entry with:

  • An icon indicating the type of change, such as a passage, question, script or setting.
  • The name of the content item that has been changed, such as the passage name or script name.
  • Who made the change and when.
  • The conversation the content item is located in, if applicable.

Changes are coded by colour:

  • Green: new content or settings to be added to your chatbot.
  • Blue: existing content or settings that have been changed since the last published version.
  • Red: existing content or settings that will be removed from your published chatbot.


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