A version is a snapshot of your chatbot's conversations, passages, scripts, webviews, stories, and notifications. You can deploy newer or older versions of your chatbot as you need.

Create and publish a version

Create a new version to publish changes to your chatbot. Before you publish a version, you can see all the changes that have been made since the last version in a list:

  • Green items have been added since the last version.
  • Blue items have been modified since the last version.
  • Red items have been deleted since the last version.

To create and publish a new version:

  1. Click + Version.
  2. Type a Name for the version to identify it.
  3. Type a Description for the version to summarise the changes or your reason for creating the version.
  4. Check the list of additions, modifications and deletions.
  5. Click Publish changes.


You can return to a previous version of the chatbot at any point. It's a good idea to create a new version before making large or complex changes, so you can revert if need be.

Unpublished changes

When you have made changes to your chatbot after publishing a version, the inGenious AI platform reminds you with a small note:

  • In the top right, next to your profile.
  • As a badge on the Versions menu item.

Publish a previous version

The version that is deployed as your chatbot is listed as the Published version. This is the version that users interact with when they use your chatbot. Any changes you have made since that version do not appear to your users.

Previews show unpublished changes

Previews and testing in the inGenious AI Playground do include any changes you have made to your chatbot since your last verison was published, but your chatbot users will only see the published version of your chatbot.

If you want to deploy an older version of your chatbot:

  1. Click the dropdown icon on the version you want to deploy.
  2. Click Deploy and Publish.
    The inGenious AI platform deploys the selected version.
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