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Use a Quick Reply expected response when you want Quick Reply buttons to appear at the bottom of your message for the user to press.

The chatbot can also perform some actions once the user has pressed a Quick Reply, such as storing data, subscribing to broadcasts, scheduling an event notification, running a script, or sending a custom analytics event. Quick Replies display icons to indicate any actions they perform. See Actions.

You can:

Regular button or Quick Reply button?

Regular buttons can be accompanied by media or images in carousels, and they're part of the chatbot message. This means they're always present once they've been sent, so the user can scroll back up the chat and press a different button. Quick Reply buttons are simple text (and emoji) only, and disappear once the user has pressed one, so the user can't scroll back up and choose a different reply.

Create a Quick Reply button

When you click the Quick Reply expected response, a default Quick Reply button called New Quick Reply is automatically created for you. Click + Quick Reply if you want to add another.

Click the Quick Reply button and:

  • Edit the text you want it to display. You can add emojis using the emoji icon.
    Quick Replies are limited to 20 characters. If you want to create longer Quick Replies, you can add a script to create custom Quick Replies.
  • Click Config to select which passage the Quick Reply button leads to.
    A preview of the passage is displayed. You can also open the passage in a new tab.

To change the order the Quick Reply buttons appear in the chat, click-and-drag the handles on the left of the Quick Reply button.

Edit a Quick Reply button

Click the Quick Reply button to edit it. You can:

  • Edit the button text directly.
  • Add emojis by clicking the emoji icon.
  • Change the passage the Quick Reply leads to by clicking Config.
  • Add, edit or remove the Actions the Quick Reply performs.
  • Remove the button.

Remove a Quick Reply button

A Quick Reply expected response requires at least one Quick Reply button. If you want to remove all Quick Replies, select another Expected User Response option. 

To remove a Quick Reply button:

  1. Click the Quick Reply button you want to remove.
  2. Click Remove.

The Remove option only appears if there is more than one Quick Reply button in the passage.

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