General settings

Use the chatbot General settings to:

To open the General settings:

  1. Select your team, and the chatbot you want to edit.
  2. Open the Manage section of the left navigation and click Settings.

Name and timezone

You can change:

Name Identifies the chatbot within the inGenious AI platform, but is not shown to your users.
Default Timezone Use this timezone to schedule notifications and broadcasts when the user's timezone is not available.

When you click Save, the changes take effect immediately rather than when the next version of the chatbot is published. Changes to a chatbot's name or default timezone are not shown in your chatbot's version history.

The Team ID and Chatbot ID cannot be changed; these fields are used for scripting and integrating new channels.

Disable Track Link Clicks

Select this to disable all link-click tracking for the entire chatbot. This overrides any chatbot buttons that have link tracking configured.

Export Content

Export Passages & Questions as CSV Download a CSV file of all questions in the chatbot.
Export Conversation Flow as HTML Export all the passage flows as HTML. This includes any content variations for multichannel passages.
Export Audiences Download a CSV file of your chatbot audiences.


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