Teams and user roles

In the inGenious AI platform, you build chatbots with a team. Every user in a team is assigned a role that determines what they're permitted to do.

Roles are team-based, not user-based

A user can belong to multiple teams, but their role might be different in each team they're a member of. Someone who is an Admin in one team doesn't get any special privileges in other teams.

Manage your team using the Members screen.

Roles and permissions

Each role within the inGenious AI platform has a different level of access to your chatbots and team.

  Reviewer Editor Publisher Admin
Edit their own profile
View chatbots
View chatbot settings
View chatbot content
View chatbot versions
Add or edit chatbot content* -
View Improvement AI reviews -
Mark Improvement AI questions -
Implement Improvement AI suggestions -
Create Improvement AI reviews - -
Publish stories - -
Publish versions - -
Send messages to your audience - -
Create chatbots - - -
Edit chatbot settings - - -
View or add team members - - -

* Chatbot content includes conversations, passages, questions, scripts, webviews, stories and notifications.

Users attempting an action their role does not permit will see an error message.

Add a team member

Invite someone to the inGenious AI platform to add them to your team:

  1. Click + Member.
  2. Type the Email address of the person you want to invite.
  3. Select their Role within your team.
  4. Click Invite.
  5. If your new team member doesn't have an inGenious AI platform account, copy the generated sign-up link and send it to them.
    When they click the link, they are prompted to create an account and are added to your team.

If your new team member already has an inGenious AI platform account using that email address, they are added to your team as soon as you invite them. There's no need to send them the sign-up link.

What if we're using SAML single-sign-on?

If your team uses SAML for single-sign-on, the way you allocate user roles may vary depending on your SAML implementation. Contact inGenious AI support for assistance.

View and manage team members

You can see who is a member of your team on the Members screen, and remove members who should no longer have access to your team's chatbots.

How do I change someone's role?

The ability to change a user's role is coming soon. In the meantime, if you need to change a user's role, delete the user from the team and add them again with the new role.

Remove a team member

To remove a team member from your team:

  1. Click the menu icon to the right of their name.
  2. Click Remove.

The user is removed from your team. Their inGenious AI platform account is not deleted. You can add this user back to your team later by inviting them again.

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