Step-by-step guides

The following guides provide some step-by-step walkthroughs on using inGenious AI platform features to solve some common problems.

  • Address a user by name demonstrates how to use variables to ask for a text response from your chatbot user, such as their name, and then re-use their reply to personalise the content in another passage.
  • Confirm a user's selection demonstrates how to use variables to store which button a user pressed and re-use their selection to personalise the content in another passage.
  • Personalise with a user's question demonstrates how to use entities to capture specific words from a user's question and use those words to personalise the chatbot message in the response.
  • Personalise messages with multiple terms demonstrates how to use multiple entities to capture the same type of information twice in a training phrase, such as two cities a user is travelling between.
  • Direct a conversation flow with logic demonstrates how to direct a conversation to different passages based on the value of a variable, such as directing a user to different credit card applications depending on their account type.


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