Use constants to create placeholders for small pieces of content that you can re-use throughout your chatbot. Constants are perfect for things like business phone numbers, business names, product names, or other information that you need to keep consistent every time it's used.

You can also create a constant with a set of value options that you can quickly switch between, such as an "open" or "closed" status for some facilities.

Constants can be used in messages your chatbot sends, including text, buttons, Quick Replies, and script parameters, and can be also set as the value of variables using actions.

The value in a constant will be the same for every user in every conversation. If you want to create a placeholder for a value that can change based on how the user interacts with your chatbot, use a variable.

When you need to update the value used, change the constant's value. Once you've published the change, the new constant value is automatically used throughout your chatbot.

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