Broadcast Opt-In message type

A Broadcast Opt-In allows the user to opt-in to receive messages about a Topic outside the usual 24-hour messaging window.

Only Facebook Messenger supports One-Time or Recurring Notifications. 

Facebook Messenger has strict rules about how a Broadcast Opt-In request is displayed to a user, which vary with the frequency of the Broadcast. If the opt-in is for a One-Time Broadcast, you can edit the bolded text at the top of the bubble (limited to 65 characters), but the text on the notification body and the button must remain the same. If the opt-in is for a Recurring Broadcast, you can add an image to the message, but the text in the heading, message body and button must remain the same.

Before you create an opt-in message, you must create the Broadcast Topic.

To add a Broadcast Opt-In request to your passage:

  1. Click the Broadcast Opt-In message type.
  2. Edit the Topic name text to describe what your notification will be about.
    Type @ to add the placeholder chip for a variable or constant. If the value of the placeholder makes the total title longer than 59 characters, the title will be truncated to 59 characters.
  3. Click the Notify Me button and click Config.
  4. Select the Topic.
    Only One-Time and Recurring Notification Topics are displayed. You don't need to send an opt-in message for One-Off Broadcasts.
  5. Select the conversation and passage the chatbot should go to once the user has opted-in to receive the notification.
    A preview of the passage is displayed. Disabled passages are displayed in red. You can also open the passage in a new tab.
  6. Click Save.
  7. Edit your opt-in message:
    1. If you are creating an opt-in for a One-Time Broadcast, click the Get Notified: heading if you want to edit the text.
    2. If you are creating an opt-in for a Recurring Broadcast, click the placeholder image to add your own image. You cannot edit any of the text.
  8. Click Save.

You can also add actions to the Notify Me button. 

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