Script message type

Add a script to add dynamic or more interactive capabilities to your chatbot, such as sending emails, using data from other APIs, creating messages with dynamic content or displaying data in specific formats.

Scripts must be added to your chatbot in the Scripts screen before they can be used in a passage. See Scripts.

  • Click the Script message type to add a script to the passage, then configure your script.
  • To select a different script or edit the script's parameter values, click the script message bubble then click Config.
  • Drag the handles on the left to re-order the passage content.
  • Click the delete icon to remove the script from the passage.

Configuring a script

To select the script to run:

  1. Click the script you have added in the Bot Message and click Config.
  2. Select the Script to Run.
  3. Complete any additional information the script needs to run.
    These fields are controlled by your script developers. You can hover your mouse over the help icon next to the field name to see an explanation of the field. See Change the values a script uses.
  4. If you want the conversation flow to automatically continue when the script finishes, turn on Auto send next message.
    If Auto send next message is on, the chatbot automatically sends the next message in the passage when the script has finished. If your script does not send a message or direct the chatbot to a passage and you have Auto send next message set to off, the chatbot will not continue the conversation flow when the script ends.
  5. Click Save.
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