Typing Indicator And Message Delay

Users feel more like they're communicating with a human when long messages take more time to arrive, as if they're being typed by your chatbot. inGenious AI calculates a delay for each message according to the length of the message, within a minimum and maximum delay you specify. 

Changes to these settings are sent to the Ready to publish stage in Versions, and will not be applied until they are published. You must publish these changes with the next version of your chatbot.

Typing indicator and message delay settings are configured in your chatbot's Experience settings. To open the Experience settings:

  1. Select your team and the chatbot you want to edit.
  2. Open the Manage section of the left navigation and click Settings.
  3. Click Experience.
Field Description
Display Typing Indicator

Turn this on to display a typing indicator in the chatbot window during a message delay.

You can also manually turn typing indicators on and off using a script.

Min The minimum delay the chatbot waits before sending the next message. 
Max The maximum delay the chatbot waits before sending the next message.
Per Word

The number of milliseconds the chatbot waits per word of the message it will send.

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