Sometimes a user types a reply that matches a question the chatbot has already answered, and the user receives the same passage again. In some conversations, this is to be expected: a package-tracking chatbot might be asked where a package is several times, and identical replies won't seem out of place. But for conversations where the user does not expect the same response again, it can frustrate the user.

The Intellimem feature steps in when the chatbot would have otherwise repeated its response and sends a different response so the conversation feels more natural. You can use these responses to guide the user into rephrasing their question, or asking to talk to a human.

Intellimem won't step in if the user's response matches an Outbound question.

You can configure Intellimem settings for your entire chatbot, or customise your settings per-conversation.

Intellimem settings are versioned: these changes are stored in the chatbot version, and will not be applied until they are published.

Intellimem is configured in your chatbot's Fallback settings. To open the Fallbacks settings:

  1. Select your team, and the chatbot you want to edit.
  2. Open the Manage section of the left navigation and click Settings.
  3. Click Fallbacks.

Intellimem (per Conversation)

You can configure this at the chatbot level if most of your conversations should not repeat responses. If some of your conversations should repeat responses but others shouldn't, or you want to send different passages in different conversations, you can configure Intellimem per-conversation. Intellimem will use the conversation-specific setting when in conversations you've specified, and the default setting otherwise.

If your chatbot uses multi-level conversations, and you set an Intellimem configuration for a parent conversation, that same Intellimem setting also applies to any child conversations within the parent conversation. You can specify a different Intellimem configuration for the child conversations if required.

Field Description
When first repeat, use Select the passage to send the first time a passage would have been repeated.
Any subsequent repeat, use Select the passage to send after the first repeat.
Advanced Select whether to use Intellimem for all matched questions, or only when the Catch-All response is being triggered.
Intellimem Expiry Period Allow the original passage to be sent again after this many minutes.

Because these settings impact individual conversations, per-conversation Intellimem updates are displayed in your version history as conversation changes. These changes will appear in the draft stage in Versions upon save.

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