Entry points

An entry point defines the passage where a new user will start a conversation with your chatbot. 

All chatbots have a default entry point, which is the first passage a user is sent when they interact with your chatbot for the first time. 

You can create custom entry points that send a different first passage to users when they open your chatbot from a special URL. You can also generate Ad JSON to send a specific passage to users when they open your chatbot via a click-to-Messenger advertisement.

Custom entry points can help a user get what they need quickly, without having to know how to navigate through many menus, and also feel more natural by taking advantage of the user's current context. For example:

  • A custom entry point URL in a social media advertisement that takes users directly through a sign-up or order process.
  • A custom entry point displayed as a QR code in a store or branch allows the chatbot to tailor the conversation to that location without asking the customer where they are.
  • A custom entry point URL provided in a customer service email that allows users to quickly navigate to getting the help they need.

You can create a custom entry point to any passage in your chatbot, and create as many custom entry points as you need.

You can:

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