Zendesk Chat

Integrate with Zendesk Chat so your users can chat to your customer service and support staff using your inGenious AI chatbot. 

Enterprise account required

To integrate your inGenious AI chatbot with Zendesk Chat, make sure your Zendesk account is Enterprise level.

To integrate your chatbot with Zendesk Chat:

  1. Create a dedicated chatbot account in Zendesk.
  2. Configure your Zendesk Chat account.
  3. Find your Zendesk Chat access token.
  4. Generate your handover department ID.
  5. Setup your Zendesk Chat integration in inGenious AI.

Before you start…

This process involves some back-and-forth between your inGenious AI chatbot settings and your Zendesk account. It’s easier if you have Notepad or another text editor open  so you can copy multiple things at once.

For further help with Zendesk Chat, see the Zendesk Chat help guides:


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