Step 2: Create a passage to request the account type

Now that we've created our variable, we need to create the passage where we assign a value to it.

It's important to consider the flow of conversation when planning out when you will assign and use your variables: make sure you're setting variables early in the conversation flow if you want to use their values.

In this guide, we're using our variable to store the user's account type. We'll create the passage in the Welcome conversation, and provide their options as Quick Replies:

  1. Open the Create section of the left-hand navigation.
  2. Click Conversations.
  3. Click the Welcome conversation.
  4. Click the Passage icon to create a new passage in the conversation.
  5. Rename the passage to Account type triage.
  6. Add some text messages to greet the user and ask their account type.
  7. Add a Quick Reply for Personal.
    Leave the Quick Reply with the default configuration of creating a new passage. We'll use that new passage in a moment.
  8. Add a second Quick Reply that starts a new passage for Business.
    Leave this Quick Reply with its default configuration of creating a new passage.
  9. Click Save.
    The Quick Replies create two new passages for our Personal and Business options.
  10. Open each new passage and add a confirmation message about the account type they've selected.

We have our variable, and the passage where we're asking the user their account type. In the next step, we'll configure the Quick Replies to store their response in our variable.

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