Redirect to a specific channel

Once you have enabled and created channel-specific content in your chatbot, you can direct the conversation to a specific channel of a passage, even if that channel does not match what the user is using to chat with your chatbot.

You can specify the channel when selecting which passage to direct the conversation flow to in a button or Quick Reply. If the channel you specify can't be found, the conversation flow will fall back to the default channel.

Not all channels support all message content types. Make sure the channel you select does not contain unsupported message types.

Create your content first

Make sure you have enabled channel-specific content for your chatbot and created the channel-specific content you want to redirect to. The option to specify a channel will only appear if the passage you've selected has channel-specific content.

If you remove a channel from a passage after you have configured a button or Quick Reply to redirect to it, you will see a validation warning when publishing your chatbot. Reconfigure the button or Quick Reply to direct the flow to an existing channel or the default passage.

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