Create a chatbot on the Chatbots screen. Each chatbot contains its own settings, content, and users, which is not shared with other chatbots in your team.

Create a chatbot

To create a chatbot:

  1. Click the Chatbot card.
  2. Give your chatbot a name.
  3. Select your chatbot's timezone.
  4. Click Create.

Why do I need a timezone?

Some chatbot messages are sent at a specific time, such as stories. If the user's channel doesn't provide a timezone, or the user's privacy doesn't allow the chatbot to access it, the chatbot will use this timezone instead to send timed messages.

You can change the chatbot name and timezone later in the Chatbot settings.

Archive a chatbot

You can archive a chatbot to remove it from the chatbot screen. Archived chatbots can't be edited, and can't interact with users.

Are you sure?

Archiving a chatbot can't be undone without contacting inGenious AI support.

To archive a chatbot:

  1. Click the menu in the chatbot card.
  2. Click Archive.

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