Tag settings

Tags are defined and maintained in your integrated livechat platform and synced to your inGenious AI chatbot on the Tag settings page. You will need to integrate the platform and enable chat tagging for the integration before you can sync your tags. InGenious AI currently supports tags from:

Livechat platforms have their own restrictions on tag names. For more information on creating tags, see:

Syncing tags

You can sync tags from multiple livechat platforms. As a user moves through a conversation with your chatbot, inGenious AI applies only the tags for the livechat platform they're using.

If you have deleted tags from your livechat platform, they will be marked as Expired in your inGenious AI chatbot.

To sync your tags:

  1. Select your team, and the chatbot you want to edit.
  2. Open the Manage section of the left navigation and click Settings.
  3. Click Tags.
  4. Click Sync.

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