Genesys Step 3: Import and configure the message flow

Make sure you have:

You don't need to wait for Support to get back to you; you can continue with these steps in the meantime.

Import the message flow

First, click this link to download the ingenious-ai-message-flow.i3inboundmessage file.

In your Genesys MyPureCloud administrator account:

  • Navigate to the Architect menu, under the Admin page.
  • Switch to the Inbound Message Flows view.
  • Import the ingenious-ai-message-flow.i3inboundmessage file.
  • Click the name of the flow to open it.
  • Keep this window open for the next step.

Configure the message flow

Let's look at what's going on in this flow:

The inGenious AI messaging flow makes sure conversations are routed to either the inGenious AI chatbot or a live agent as appropriate.

  1. First, the flow views the conversation's participant data to find:
    • The conversation type: whether this conversation is with a live human or not.
    • Whether the conversation has been registered with inGenious AI, using the igRegistered field.
  2. If the conversation hasn't been registered yet, it sends an acknowledgement to inGenious AI to register the Genesys Conversation ID in your inGenious chatbot.
  3. Then it routes the conversation:
    • Human type conversations are routed to the Default queue of live agents.
    • Conversations of other types will be handled by the inGenious AI chatbot, so the flow signals Genesys to disconnect. 

Avoid modifying these fields in your chatbot

Your inGenious AI chatbot uses some of the Genesys Open Messaging participant attribute fields. Avoid modifying these fields mid-conversation with custom flows or scripts, or your inGenious AI chatbot may not work correctly:

  • type
  • igRegistered

You need to configure a few elements of this flow:

  1. In another tab:
    1. log into inGenious AI and open your chatbot.
    2. Navigate to the General settings.
  2. In the flow diagram in your Genesys MyPureCloud account tab:
    1. Click the Register InGenious AI step.
  3. Copy the Team ID from your inGenious AI General settings tab, and paste it in the teamId field in the flow diagram tab.
  4. Copy the Chatbot ID from your inGenious AI General settings tab, and paste it in the botId field in the flow diagram tab.
  5. If you want to transfer live conversations to a different queue for your live agents:
      1. Open the Transfer to ACD step in the flow diagram.
      2. Select the Queue you want to transfer live conversations to.
  6. Add any other actions or update any settings as you need to, such as changing the name of the flow.
    Do not use the Participant data variables type or igRegistered.
  7. Click Publish.
  8. Copy the name of the flow somewhere safe: you will need it for the next step.

Wait for inGenious AI support

To complete the next steps, you'll need to make sure inGenious AI has finished the internal setup. They will provide you with an Integration ID as proof the setup is complete.

Next: Once you have an Integration ID, route your chatbot.

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