Khoros Step 2: Configure your integration

Make sure you have requested and saved your access token.

In the Khoros integration settings in your inGenious AI chatbot:

  1. In the Bot Identity field, give an identifiable name for your chatbot.
    This should include your company name, and something that helps you identify the chatbot. For example, Acme Customer Service Bot. 
  2. In the Bot Secret field, create a secret to ensure incoming requests are legitimate.
    This should be at least eight characters long, and difficult to guess. Do not use your company name or chatbot name.
  3. In the Company Key field, paste your Khoros Company Key. To find your company key:
    1. In your KhorosCare dashboard, click the Admin tab.
    2. Open the Developer menu.
    3. Open General Settings.
  4. In the Contact Email field, type the email address of the person responsible for maintaining the chatbot.
  5. If you want to use an avatar for your chatbot:
    1. Toggle Enable Avatar on.
    2. In the Avatar field, paste the URL of the image to use for your chatbot avatar.
      Make sure this URL is publically accessible.
  6. If you want to allow the chatbot to hand over to live agents, toggle Enable Handover on.
  7. Scroll up and press Save.

Next: Connect your Khoros instance to a channel in Khoros.

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