Khoros Step 4: Register connected channels

Make sure you have:

  1. Requested and saved your access token.
  2. Configured your integration in inGenious AI.
  3. Connected Khoros to at least one channel.

To complete the integration, you will need the ID that the channel uses to identify your chatbot and register it with inGenious AI. Find the ID and paste it into Notepad.

Channel External ID
Facebook Messenger The Page ID of the Facebook Page the chatbot is connected to.
Khoros Brand Messenger The ID provided under Brand Messenger in your KhorosCare dashboard.
WhatsApp Contact Khoros support.

Register each channel with inGenious AI

Each channel that you want to use with your Khoros integration must be registered in inGenious AI.

To register a channel:

  1. In the inGenious AI platform, open the chatbot you're integrating.
  2. Click Settings.
  3. Click Integrations.
  4. In the Khoros integration section, click Manage Bot Registrations.
  5. Click + Registration.
  6. Type the name of your registration.
    In some channels, this name is displayed to users as they chat with your chatbot.
  7. In the Network Key field, select the channel to register.
    If you are connecting to the Khoros Brand Messenger, select Smooch.
  8. Paste the External ID you retrieved earlier.
  9. Click Save.

Some settings cannot be changed

If you want to change the Network Key or External ID, you must delete the registration and create a new one with the new key or ID.

Next: Switch a channel to Live Mode.

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