Outbound questions

Outbound questions are questions that you want to answer in a specific way if the user sends them immediately after a particular passage. In our loan application example, we had:

  • A passage in the FAQ conversation that provides the user with a list of your fees, and has the Global-level Inbound question "what are the fees".
  • A passage in the Loan Application conversation that provides the user with the fees for a loan application, and has the Conversation-level Inbound question "what are the fees".

As part of the loan application process, users are asked if they want to add an insurance option. The passage that asks about the insurance option has an Outbound question "what are the fees", which leads to a passage explaining the fees for the insurance option.

Now, when the chatbot asks the user if they want to add the insurance option, and the user replies "what are the fees", the chatbot goes to the Insurance Option Fees passage linked in the Outbound question, instead of the Loan Application Fees passage defined at the Conversation-level.

Outbound questions are defined in a passage's Outbound Questions screen. You can create:

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