Genesys Open Messaging

Integrate with Genesys Open Messaging so your users can chat to your customer service and support staff using your inGenious AI chatbot. 

Administrator account required

To integrate your inGenious AI chatbot with Genesys Open Messaging, make sure you have Administrator privileges in your Genesys MyPureCloud account.

To integrate your chatbot with Genesys Open Messaging:

  1. Create an OAuth client in your Genesys MyPureCloud account.
  2. Enable Web Services and add the Data Action in Genesys Open Messaging.
  3. Import and configure the inGenious AI message flow.
  4. Route your chatbot.

Then your integration is complete. To test your integration:

  1. Test your inbound messages.
  2. Test your handover.


Please note the following limitations when using Genesys Open Messaging with your inGenious AI chatbot:

  • Live agents will only see the message in their primary view once the user sends a message to the bot after the user has been handed over.
  • Genesys Open Messaging has no handback protocol with live chats: we do not recommend using Genesys Open Messaging with Facebook Messenger, as Genesys cannot maintain a 'persistent user'.
  • Chatbot messages are distinguished from agent messages using the prefix of BOT: if an agent or a user sends a message that starts with BOT, it will not be forwarded to the other party.
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