Channel-specific content

You can customise the content the chatbot sends, and the user response it expects, depending on which channel the user is using. For example: in Facebook Messenger, you might guide users to use your website or your app to answer their query, but in your website chatbot, only give instructions for the website, since they're already there.

Only the message content and expected user response is customised; inbound and outbound questions and any passage settings such as retaining previous context are the same across each channel.

Keep your channels in mind...

Some chatbot message types, such as the Carousel, are not supported on all channels. Check your channel's help documentation when designing your passage content.

Enable channel-specific content

You need to enable channel-specific content for each passage where you want to customise the content per-channel.

Available on request

If you need channel-specific content, request the feature for your chatbot via the inGenious AI Support Portal.

  1. Open the passage you want to customise per-channel.
  2. Click the menu icon at the top of the passage.
  3. Click Multi-Channel Config.
  4. Toggle the channels you want to create custom content for.
  5. Click Save.

Only customise what you need to

You don't need to toggle on every channel your chatbot supports. Any channel you don't create custom content for will use the default passage content. Only toggle on channels where you want to send different message content to the user, or expect a different response from them.

Switch between channels

To switch between channels when creating your content, click the icons at the top of the passage. Remember to save your changes before you close the passage.

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