Integrate with Khoros so your users can chat to your inGenious AI chatbot using a Khoros-connected channel. Make sure you have:

  • Your inGenious AI chatbot.
  • Your Khoros username and password.
  • Your KhorosCare instance URL.
    Your instance URL is the URL displayed in your browser when you log into your KhorosCare dashboard.

Khoros account permissions

Make sure your Khoros account has permission to access the Khoros Bot API.

To integrate your chatbot with Khoros:

  1. Get your Khoros access token in inGenious AI.
  2. Configure your chatbot integration in inGenious AI.
  3. Connect your Khoros instance to channels in Khoros.
  4. Register each channel with inGenious AI.
  5. Switch each channel to Live Mode in inGenious AI.
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