Finding chatbot content

There are two ways to find specific passages in your chatbot: conversation search and global search.

Conversation search looks for matching passages in the conversation you have open. The canvas highlights any passages that have content matching your search term.

Global search

If you want to search all the chatbot's conversations at once, or filter your search results to just a particular type of content like a Quick Reply, use the global search.

  1. Click Conversations in the left navigation to ensure the conversation canvas isn't open.
  2. Type your search term into the search field at the top.
    The passages that match your search terms are displayed in a list.

You can filter the search results to:

  • The passage id or title.
  • Content types the chatbot sends in the passage, such as text, buttons and media.
  • Quick replies
  • Training phrases used for inbound or outbound questions.

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