Step 1: Create the card type entity

An entity is a placeholder that you can use to personalise your chatbot content without creating extra passages.

Entities are designed to capture important words from your user's questions so you can use those words in the responding passage. Each entity is created to capture a specific type of information, like the product name or city your user mentioned.

An entity has values, which are the specific words you want to capture. For example, if the entity was to capture your product names, the individual product names would be the values.

Sometimes a value may have several versions, such as if you have an older name for one of your products that customers still use. These additional terms can be defined as synonyms for the value.

In this guide, our chatbot guides users through applying for credit cards. Our company offers several different credit card products. Let's create an entity for the different credit card types we offer:

  1. Open the Create section of the left-hand navigation.
  2. Click Entities.
  3. Click + Entity.
  4. Select From blank.
  5. Type cardtype as the name for your entity.
    We'll use this name to add the entity to the chatbot content later. Entity names should be short but descriptive. You can change them later if you need to.
  6. Click Create.
  7. Click + Value.
  8. In the Value field, type StraightForward Card.
    This is the name of one type of credit card customers can apply for.
  9. In the Synonyms field, type basic card and press enter.
    Our customers often refer to our StraightForward Card as a basic card. By adding 'basic card' as a synonym, the entity will capture the product name if they refer to it as either a StraightForward Card or a basic card.
  10. In the Synonyms field next to your basic card synonym, type standard card and press enter.
    Now the entity will recognise the words basic card, standard card and StraightForward Card as the StraightForward Card.
    You can add as many synonyms as you need. Press enter after each synonym you add.
  11. Click + Value.
  12. In the Value field, type Premium Rewards Card.
  13. In the Synonyms field, add the synonyms premium card and rewards card.
    Remember to press enter after each synonym.
  14. Click + Value.
  15. In the Value field, type Cashback Card.
  16. In the Synonyms field, add the synonym cash card.
  17. Click Save.

We've created an entity to capture the card type our user mentions in their question. Now let's create the passage where we'll respond to the user's question about the card application.

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