Personalise messages with multiple terms

Personalising your chatbot's responses helps your chatbot user feel they're being heard and valued. A simple way to personalise your content is to customise your chatbot's response using the words your user used in their questions. For example, if they send a question about a booking a flight between two cities, your chatbot can use the name of the cities in its reply.

But we don't want to make a lot of duplicate passages for all the different city combinations. Instead, we'll use a placeholder for the city called an entity.

Entities are special placeholders that capture specific words from questions so they can be used in chatbot content. Before the chatbot sends the passage to the user, it updates the entity placeholder with the value it captured from the user's question.

In this guide, we're going to:

  1. Create the two entities we'll use as placeholders for our cities.
  2. Create the passage where we'll respond to the user's flight booking request.
  3. Create a question using both entities to capture the two cities.
  4. Use the entities in the passage's bot message to reply to the user with the correct city names.

Make sure you've selected the team and chatbot you want to work with, and let's create our entities.

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