Apply labels

You can apply labels to a conversation or a passage to categorise it. For example, you may want to apply a label to assign passages or conversations to be marked by certain members of your team, or assign a priority. You can use the labels drop-down at the top of each page to filter passages or conversations by label.

Labels you apply to passages & conversions will not appear on those items in the next review, or passage edit screen. 

To add a label to a single conversation or passage, click the field with the label icon next to the conversation or passage you want to add a label to.

You can manage your labels in the Labels settings page.

Apply labels in bulk

You can also add the same label to multiple conversations or passages using bulk-add:

  1. Select the checkbox to the right of each passage or conversation you want to label.
    The top menu bar will display the bulk-add options.
  2. Select the label you want to add.
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