Genesys: Test inbound messages

Before you test your inbound messages, make sure your inGenious AI chatbot is published and connected to a messaging channel.

To test your inbound messages:

  1. Open a browser tab and navigate to your Genesys MyPureCloud dashboard.
  2. Open a second browser tab and navigate to the messaging channel connected to the chatbot.
  3. Message the chatbot via the messaging channel and wait for it to respond.
  4. In the MyPureCloud dashboard tab, hover your mouse over Performance in the top bar, and click Interactions.
  5. In the top bar of the Interactions page, check that today's date is selected.
    If your integration is configured correctly, the conversation should appear.

If the conversation does not appear in the Interactions page, the webhook may not be correctly configured. Check that you have an Integration ID from inGenious AI support. If you do have an Integration ID and the problem persists, submit a help request at the inGenious AI Support Portal.

Make sure you also test your handover.

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