Khoros Step 1: Access token

In the inGenious AI platform:

  1. Add a Khoros channel to your chatbot:
    1. Open the team and  chatbot you want to integrate and click Manage.
    2. Click Integrations.
    3. Click + Integration.
    4. Click Khoros.
  2. Click the new Khoros channel card.
  3. In the Khoros Care Company Domain field, paste your Khoros domain name.
    This is the first part of your Khoros URL, after https://.
    For example: acme if your Khoros URL is
  4. Click Request Access Token.
  5. At the prompt, type in your KhorosCare username and password.
    Your username and password are only used to request the access token from Khoros, and are not stored by inGenious AI.
  6. Click Request and Save.

The access token appears in the Access Token field.

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