Improving keyword accuracy

You should periodically review your keyword questions and adjust them accordingly. Consider:

  • Adding or removing keyword phrases from certain questions.
  • Using weighting to control the order in which questions are matched.
  • Adding word limits to a question to avoid confusion with another question.
  • Using Advanced Keywords to add greater flexibility to your matches.

You can also scan your chatbot for issues with your questions.


Sometimes you may have two different questions with very similar keywords that lead to different passages.

You can use weighting to control the order in which keyword questions are checked, to ensure the correct or more important question is matched first. If you give a question a higher weighting, the chatbot will attempt to match that question first before lower-weighted or non-weighted questions.

Word limit

Word limits control the maximum number of words a question can contain and still match that question. If a question has a word limit of five, a user response that is six words long will not match the question, even if it contains the exact phrase.

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