Add a team member

If you are an Admin in a team, you can invite someone to the inGenious AI platform to add them to your team:

  1. Click the gear icon next to your team menu.
    Only users with Admin roles can open the Members screen.

  2. Click + Member.
  3. Type the Email address of the person you want to invite.
  4. Select their Role within your team.
    If your team uses SAML for single-sign-on, the way you allocate user roles may vary depending on your SAML implementation. Contact inGenious AI support for assistance.
  5. Click Invite.
  6. If your new team member doesn't have an inGenious AI platform account, copy the generated sign-up link and send it to them.
    When they click the link, they are prompted to create an account and are added to your team.

If your new team member already has an inGenious AI platform account using that email address, they are added to your team as soon as you invite them. There's no need to send them the sign-up link.

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