Step 4: Add the card type placeholder chip

So far, we've created an entity with all the possible terms for our different credit card types, and we've created a passage for credit card applications with training phrases that use that entity. When our user asks questions about applying for one of our credit cards, the training phrases will capture the card type they mentioned as the entity value.

To use the entity in the chatbot content, we add the entity placeholder chip. Placeholder chips can be used almost anywhere in the chatbot message. To add a chip, type @ and select the chip you want to use. Before the chatbot sends the passage, it will replace the chip with the captured value.

In the Credit card application passage:

  1. Add a text message responding to the user's request for a credit card application.
    To use the entity value, type @ and select the CardType entity.
    You can use an entity as many times as you like within the bot message content.
  2. Click Save.

Because entity values are stored by the matching training phrases, entities are only available to add in a passage when that passage has training phrases that use the entity. When you're personalising your chatbot content with entities, remember to create your training phrases with entities before you try to add the entity to your chatbot message.

Now when our chatbot users ask how to apply for one of our credit cards, we can personalise our chatbot response with the type of card they asked about without creating duplicate content.

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