Script parameters

You can specify parameters for your script to use so it's easier for content-creators to make simple updates to scripts, such as changing business operating hours. Parameters can be made available:

To add a parameters to an individual script:

  1. Select your team and chatbot.
  2. In the Create menu, click Scripts.
  3. Click the script you want to add parameters to.
  4. In the Paramters section, click + Parameter.
  5. Type the Name of the parameter.
    This is the variable name used in the script.
  6. Add a Description to help your content creators understand how to use the parameter.
    Consider adding:
    • A brief explanation of the parameter, if it might not be clear from the name.
    • An example of how to correctly format the value.
  7. If the parameter is optional, select the Optional checkbox.
    Otherwise, the content creator must configure a value here when they add the script to a passage.
  8. Click Save.
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