Zendesk chat Step 1: Zendesk chatbot account

To integrate with inGenious AI, you will need an account in Zendesk with some special configurations:

  1. Create an account in Zendesk using the following email format:
    For example, the Acme Corporation would create a Zendesk account with:
  2. Make sure the account has Administrator privileges in Zendesk.
    The account needs Admin privileges in order to create an API client.
  3. Enable Zendesk Chat for the account.
  4. Create a group called Bot in Zendesk.
    This creates a department of the same name in Zendesk Chat.
  5. Open the profile of your new Zendesk Chatbot.
  6. Change the chatbot's default group to Bot.
    If you need to, you can make Bot the default group for your organisation.
  7. Remove the chatbot from all other groups.
  8. In your list of groups, hover your mouse over the group you use for agent handovers.
    Copy the link address that appears, and paste it into Notepad.
    For example: https://acme.zendesk.com/groups/360001860636
  9. On a new line in Notepad, type Group ID: and copy in the numbers from the end of the link.
    For example: Group ID: 360001860636

Next: Configure your Zendesk Chat account.

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