Microsoft Teams Step 3: Create the app package

Make sure you have:

Developer recommended

This step requires creating a JSON file. You may need to ask your developer or IT staff to complete this.

To create the app package for Microsoft Teams:

  1. Create a json file with the name manifest.json in a text editor.
  2. Copy the code below into the manifest.json file.
      "manifestVersion": "1.5",
      "version": "1.0.1",
      "id": "<>",
      "packageName": "<>",
      "devicePermissions" : [ ],
      "developer": {
        "name": "<>",
        "websiteUrl": "<>",
        "privacyUrl": "<>",
        "termsOfUseUrl": "<>"
      "localizationInfo": {
        "defaultLanguageTag": "en-us",
        "additionalLanguages": []
      "name": {
         "short": "<>"
      "description": {
        "short": "<>",
        "full": "<>"
      "icons": {
        "outline": "outline.png",
        "color": "color.png"
      "accentColor": "<>",
      "configurableTabs": [],
      "staticTabs": [],
      "bots": [
          "botId": "<>",
          "needsChannelSelector": false,
          "isNotificationOnly": false,
          "scopes": [ "personal" ],
          "supportsFiles": false,
          "commandLists": [
              "scopes": [ "personal" ],
              "commands": [
                  "title": "<>",
                  "description": "<>"
      "permissions": [],
      "validDomains": [ "" ]
  3. Replace the value of the id field and botId field with your Microsoft App ID.
  4. Replace <<INGENIOUS_BOT_ID>> with the Chatbot ID of the chatbot you are integrating.

    Where do I get the inGenious AI Team ID and Chatbot ID?

    You can copy your Team ID and Chatbot ID from the General Settings page.

  5. Replace the <<COMPANY_>> fields with your company information.
  6. Replace <<BOT_NAME>> with a name for your chatbot.
    This name will be displayed to users in Microsoft Teams. It must be 30 characters or less.
  7. Replace <<BOT_SHORT_DESCRIPTION>> and <<BOT_LONG_DESCRIPTION>> with a description of the experience your chatbot provides:
    • The short description must be 80 characters or less, and must not include any other app name.
    • The long description must be 400 character or less, and must not contain the short description.
      See the Microsoft Teams Manifest documentation for more information.
  8. Replace <<BOT_ACCENT_COLOUR>> with the rgb hex value of the colour to be used with your chatbot app, and as a background for your icons.
  9. If you want to add pinned default tabs, add them to the staticTabs array.
    See the Microsoft Teams Static Tabs documentation..
  10. Replace <<SAMPLE_SUPPORTED_BOT_UTTERANCE>> with an example command users could send to the chatbot.
  11. Replace <<UTTERANCE_DESCRIPTION>> with an example or description of the command.
    See the Microsoft Teams Bot Command Lists documentation.
    For an example of command lists, see the Microsoft Teams Manifest example.
  12. Save and close the manifest.json file.
  13. Create the icon your chatbot will use in Microsoft Teams as color.png and outline.png.
    See the Microsoft Teams App Packages documentation for more information.
  14. Create a zip file containing the manifest.jsoncolor.png and outline.png files.

For more information on configuring the manifest.json file, see the Microsoft Teams Manifest Schema documentation.

Next: Activate the chatbot.

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