Image message type

An image can be either from a URL, or from the chatbot's media library. For best results, make sure your image uses the recommended dimensions.

To add an image message, click the Image message type, then click the placeholder image to choose the image to send. You can:

  • Paste a publically-available URL in the Image URL field.
  • Drag and drop the image you want to send into the Media Library.
  • Select an image that has already been uploaded to the Media Library.

When you have finished editing the image, click Save.

You can also:

  • Drag the handles on the left to re-order the passage content.
  • Click the delete icon to delete the image.

Recommended dimensions

Images may appear slightly differently on different chat platforms. For best results, use either:

  • A square image with a 1:1 ratio, 780px x 780px.
  • A landscape image with a 1:1.91 ratio, 780px x 410px.

Images can be PNG, JPG, or animated GIFs. To ensure your image loads quickly for your users, keep the file size under 500kb. For static images like PNGs and JPGs, a file size of 100-150kb is recommended.

What if my image is a different size?

You can still use an image that isn't square. Wide images display better than tall images.

Keep your ratio under 1:2. That is, the width of the image should be less than double the height, or the sides of the image will be cropped. The same applies for tall images: if the height of the image is more than double the width, the top and bottom of the image will be cropped.

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