Published versions

All the versions of your chatbot that you have published are shown in the Published section of Versions. You can view the changes that were published in your current and previous versions and republish and older version of the chatbot.

Each change is displayed as its own entry with:

  • An icon indicating the type of change, such as a passage, question, script or setting.
  • The name of the content item that has been changed, such as the passage name or script name.
  • Who made the change and when.
  • The conversation the content item is located in, if applicable.

Changes are coded by colour:

  • Green: new content or settings to be added to your chatbot.
  • Blue: existing content or settings that have been changed since the last published version.
  • Red: existing content or settings that will be removed from your published chatbot.

See the change in context

If you want to go to the passage, conversation or other area of the platform where the change was made, click the launch icon on the right side of the bar. The relevant content will open in a new tab.

View review notes

You can see any review notes that were made for a change by clicking the arrow at the right of the change entry. You can't make changes to review notes of published changes.

Publish a previous version

The version that is deployed as your chatbot is listed as the Published version. This is the version that users interact with when they use your chatbot. Any changes you have made since that version do not appear to your users.

Previews show unpublished changes

Previews and testing in the inGenious AI Playground do include any changes you have made to your chatbot since your last version was published, but your chatbot users will only see the published version of your chatbot.

If you want to deploy an older version of your chatbot:

  1. Click the dropdown icon on the version you want to deploy.
  2. Click Re-Publish.
    The inGenious AI platform deploys the selected version.
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