Util functions


sendEmail​(fromAddress, toAddresses, subject, message, options)

Send an HTML email to one or more recipients via Amazon Simple Email Service (SES). The email is formatted with a template that can be customised using the options parameter. This method is asynchronous.

Parameter Type Required Description
fromAddress String Required

The email address the email appears to be sent from.

This must be a valid email address. The fromAddress will be validated by Amazon SES before the email is sent.

toAddresses Array<String> Required List of email addresses to send the email to.
subject String Required Subject line of the email.
message String Required Message body of the email.
options Object Optional

Options to customise the email template by overriding the:

  • Logo or heading image.
  • Heading.
  • Introductory text.
  • Closing text.
  • Chatbot name.

See the table below for details.

Template options

Parameter Type Description Default value
options.​headingLogo String Image or logo that appears in the heading of the email. The inGenious AI logo.
options.​heading String Heading that appears below the logo and before the introductory text. The subject of the email.
options.​intro String Introductory text that appears between the heading and the message body. This is an automated email from the {chatbot name} Chatbot.
options.​close String Text that appears after the message body. Thanks
options.​botName String Name of the chatbot, used for the default introductory text, and the "Sent by" message after the closing text. The chatbot name as listed in the Chatbot Settings.
const contextData = bot.user.getContextData();

// Amazon SES validated email address. Contact Ingenious AI to validate non ingenious.ai domain email addresses.
const fromAddress = 'Ingenious AI Appointment Manager Bot <notify-noreply@ingenious.ai>';

// Email addresses you want to send to, multiple addresses separated by comma
const toAddresses = ['name1@example.com','name2@example.com'];

const subject = `Appointment Manager Chatbot Booking ${bot.user.firstName} ${bot.user.lastName}`;
const message = `Name: ${bot.user.firstName} ${bot.user.lastName}
Store: ${contextData.store}
Booking Date: ${contextData.slotDate}
Booking Time: ${contextData.slotTime}
Mobile Number: ${contextData.mobileNumber}`; const options = { heading: 'Session Booked', intro: 'This is an automated email from the Appointment Manager Chatbot. A customer has made a booking with the following details:', botName: 'Appointment Manager Chatbot' }; try { const emailResult = await bot.util.sendEmail(fromAddress, toAddresses, subject, message, options); bot.channel.sendTextMessage("You're all booked 👍", params); done(); } catch (err) { bot.channel.sendTextMessage("Sorry, something went wrong with your booking 😔. Do you want to try again?", params); done(err); }
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