Custom widget text

You can customise the text that your chatbot widget displays for the user interface and user interactions. For example, the text displayed:

  • Under a message bubble to indicate how long ago it was sent or received.
  • To tell a user they are offline and will not receive messages.
  • When a user has entered an invalid email address.
  • When an error occurs while sending a message.

For a full list of the text strings you can customise, see the list in the Sunshine documentation.

To customise the text, add a customText object to your ingeniousai.init() options object, and add the property for each text string you want to override with its new value.

const options = {
integrationId: '<integration Id>',
customText: {
headerText: "What can we do for you?",
fetchHistory: "Load more messages",
conversationListPreviewImageText: "An image from {user}",



Look out for tags and curly braces...

If the original string contains HTML tags such as anchors <a> or text in {curly braces}, make sure these are included in your customised string. For example, the messageIndicatorTitlePlural property controls the text for how many new messages a user has received when they've received more than one. The default is ({count}) New messages. If you wanted to override this text, the new text should still include {count}. For example: You have {count} new messages.

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