Guide: Setting up your Business Hours

Step 1: Configure your Business Hours settings

To begin, setup the applicable Business Hours, national public holidays or company holidays in the settings page. . 

  1. Select the team and chatbot you need.
  2. Open the Manage section in the left navigation and click Settings.
  3. Click Business Hours.

For more information on setting business hours, see Business Hours settings.


Step 2: Configure your Business Hours Script

  1. Open theCreate section in the left navigation and click Scripts
  2. Select From Templates and then choose the Business Hour Traffic script from the dropdown list and click Create



Step 3: Apply your Business Hours Script

The business hours script is a small piece of logic that will direct a user to different passages based on the business hours settings. 

  1. Select a relevant passage & Click the Script message type.
  2. Click on the script and select Config Script 
  3. In the Config Script modal, select the relevant response passages. One for when the chat session is inside Business hours & vice versa.
  4. Click save. 


For more information, see Configuring Scripts.



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