Individual review screen

The Review screen shows you the progress you have made marking the passages in each conversation, and the overall progress of the whole review. If the review has been finalised, you can also see the review summary.

Passages are grouped for marking by their conversation. If your chatbot uses multi-level conversations, only the parent-level of conversation is used for grouping.

Open a conversation to mark passages. The Passage marking screen will open at the next set of passages to mark. Depending where you're up to in that conversation, you may be marking:

You can also:

  • Filter conversations in the Review screen by the labels applied or their progress using the filter options at the top.
  • Apply labels to conversations.

To open the Review screen:

  1. Open the team and chatbot you want to mark passages for.
  2. In the left-navigation, click Improve.
  3. Click Reviews.
  4. Open the review you want to view.
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