Review summary

The review summary displays an overview of how your chatbot performed in this review period. This section only appears once you have finalised the review. You can view:

  • Your Content coverage, which shows how well your chatbot's content covers what you need it to.
  • Your Accuracy rate, which shows how accurately your chatbot matches chatbot user responses to NLP questions.

You can also:

  • Download a CSV of all the passages you marked as requiring new content.
  • Generate and apply the recommended changes to your NLP training phrases to improve your chatbot's accuracy.
  • View the marked passages and apply comments.
    The chatbot user responses will be deleted after your data retention period has expired. See Data Settings.

To open the Review summary:

  1. Open the team and chatbot you want to see the review for.
  2. In the left-navigation, click Improve.
  3. Click Reviews.
  4. Open the finalised review you want to see.
  5. Click the Summary tab.
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