Marking passages

Mark a passage to indicate whether the chatbot responded to the chatbot user's message the way you wanted.

Regular passages are pre-marked as correct by default. If the passage is the correct response for the message the chatbot user sent, you can just move to the next passage. You can also:

Correcting a passage

If the passage is incorrect, select the cross under Expected. You are prompted to select whether the chatbot should have sent:

  • A different passage. Select the passage that should have been sent to the chatbot user.

  • A catch-all, if the message is not one you want to handle with specific content.

  • A new passage, if the passage the chatbot should have sent the user does not exist.

Correcting passages in bulk

If you want to correct several passages on the screen the same way:

  1. Select the checkbox to the right of each passage you want to make the same correction to.
    The top menu bar will display the bulk-add options.
  2. Click the cross button in the top bar.
  3. Select what the response should have been for these passages.
    Any existing corrections for the selected passages will be replaced.
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